Patient Testimonials Archive

Great staff! Everyone goes above and beyond to make sure you feel comfortable and taken care of. Clean office and always on time. Best place around to get orthodontic treatment! They rock!

Sarah Merkel

The office always seems to run so efficiently, we rarely had to wait longer than our scheduled appointment time. And the office is always so clean – very appealing when walking in, especially for the first time.

Mrs. Bolger

Thanks for putting our daughters mind at ease by explaining everything to her. She feels very comfortable in your office.      

Mrs. Edwards

I believe that the use of the highest standard of technology is not only great for my child's treatment, it is a great use of it as an example to my child, and I know that it has a wonderful result at the end of treatment. The staff and orthodontist treat my family with the highest respect, and I appreciate their efficiency.

Mrs. Christie

Dr. Anderson and staff were wonderful. My son felt comfortable, and the appointment was thorough but quick, which is much appreciated by busy parents. The thoughtfulness put into the whole experience is much appreciated and definitely noticed. I loved the visual explanations. It would be nice to file insurance claims, similar to the way dentists do, if possible. Great job!

Survey Response

We have never been kept waiting for an appointment which is great. The staff is very friendly and make my daughter feel at ease when she is at the office. They also made sure to include her in all consultations making sure she understands the process. Thank you!  

Ansems family

I have been very pleased with the service from both the Exeter and Stratford office. The staff is very polite. The office is very clean and organized. All appointments are on time and never rushed. The follow-up calls, birthday phone calls, appointment reminders and technology used in the office (iPads in waiting room) are all very impressive and professional! We are very pleased with the service.

Mrs. Durand

Stratford Orthodontics follows their treatment plan and makes the necessary adjustments when they need to. They do what they set out to do and deliver beautiful results. It has been a pleasure. 

The Weston Family

The staff are amazing. Very friendly & informative. I like that there was enough space in the waiting room to leave my daughter there playing while Austin had his appointment.

Survey Response

Natalie stated she does not feel so nervous any more about needing any work, and she enjoyed the welcome sign at the front door.

Survey Response

When I found out at age 34 from my new dentist that my front teeth were being damaged from rubbing on each other and that I might need braces, I was mortified. Now, one year later, I could not be happier! My teeth have been saved, and my smile... words can't explain! I am thrilled with the outcome and thrilled with the wonderful care that I received. Both doctors and the entire staff are so warm and friendly and courteous. I always felt so welcome and cared for. A 100% positive experience! :)


The overall experience was positive for my son, Evan, who was anxious before the appointment. I think having the initial appointment before anything happens was a positive one as well. Now he can start to get his head around the idea and is at least familiar with the office and staff. Thank you for being so welcoming.

Mrs. Fortin

Nice, welcoming environment. The gift bag after getting braces off was great!   

Survey Response

You guys did a wonderful job making us feel relaxed. Not sure if I've ever laughed at a dental appointment before. Dr. Anderson and Joe got along great right from the start!    

Mrs. Cardiff

Very professional atmosphere, service. Was impressed that Dr. Redigonda called personally prior to the appointment to inquire if there were any questions. Would definitely refer family and friends.

Mrs. McBride

Just getting started, but like the respect for patient's and parents time. Everything clearly explained.

Mrs. Weber

I liked the care and professionalism. Our opinion counted!

Survey Response

Everyone that we met were very professional, yet personal. It was an excellent first impression, and we look forward to our next appointment.

Survey Response

Always timely, knowledgeable and friendly. Congrats card to Kalyn re: soccer was above and beyond!

Survey Response

Emergencies handled with upmost speed and care. Truly compassionate staff. Patients, in this case young adults, treated with respect by a kind and caring staff. I cannot say enough! Fabulous experience and results.

Mrs. Finlayson

I would highly recommend this office to anyone who needs or wants orthodontic work done. I can't imagine anyone not being happy going there. They are caring and professional and always have a beautiful smile for everyone. They also do a fantastic job. Who could ask for any more?

Ms. Assayag

I really appreciated the amount of time taken to explain all procedures. The office is extremely well organized and efficient. I felt well-informed and comfortable with all of my dealings with the doctors and staff. Thank you all.


Everything was explained to us in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. My daughter has always been somewhat nervous about dental appointments and was very comfortable at your office thanks to you and your staff. Thank you.

Survey Response

Very impressive office! Great first orthodontic experience!

Survey Response  

My son was diagnosed to have a crossbite. It was affecting his speech, and he was reluctant to smile showing his teeth. In just a short year, and regular check-ups, his bite has been corrected during Phase One, and he has a beautiful smile he doesn't hesitate to show. This was the best decision we made for his health and self-esteem. Thanks to the team at Stratford Orthodontics!

Ms. Farrell

I absolutely loved my experience with all of you. Both doctors are SO sweet and friendly and considerate, and ditto for the staff! I've never truly been in an office where it seems like such a joy to work and where everyone is so friendly and happy. I always felt so welcome and cared about. The people and doctors at this office just made the whole experience for me.


We liked the fact that everything that was talked about for the results were printed off to take home. I can't remember everything that was said and this was a great way to look back and be able to understand/remember everything. Also loved being able to see the X-ray on the screen and everything being explained while you have the picture right there.


Great staff. We were kept informed and up-to-date on all progress and procedures. The before and after is truly amazing.


Always on time with appointments and appreciated when two children could have back-to-back, same-day appointments.


Promptness. E-mail reminders. Thorough explanation of the plan/progress.


The staff is always friendly and on time. We are always in and out on time or before that. This is important to a lot of working parents in a hurry. My child is always treated with respect and comes out happy. Not to mention how beautiful her teeth look! I would highly recommend this ortho office.

Lyne family

My daughter was very uncomfortable going into this appointment as she had a bad experience in the past. She was referred by four of her friends over the past year. She is excited and comfortable after our first visit. Thank you again. This is a wonderful feeling for a mom who has been trying to get her to a specialist for a long time with the answer always being NO. We are all very confident she is in good hands. Smiling cause of YOU!

Survey Response

I have had a wonderful, positive experience as a patient in your office. The staff is very enthusiastic and well informed. They are also kind and considerate. The various contests and free skating for patients at the arena was a wonderful, fun touch that makes a patient feel like family... more than just a patient in an office. I would highly recommend this office to my friends and family. I have had a very positive experience! Thanks!


Each client was treated with respect, and in such a manner that they could be independent and responsible for managing their own appointments. You cared about each client and went above and beyond expectations when you attended the performance of Grease, and then sent cards to participants. Very much appreciated, and probably only one example of what you do!

Mrs. Wintle

Both my daughters have had orthodontic services provided by Stratford Orthodontics, and were very much at ease with the doctors and the staff. Would recommend the office to anyone.

Mrs. Thompson

Very prompt service. Appointment times were adhered to. Fantastic, friendly service from the first appointment to the last.    


All the information and professionalism helps to alleviate anxiety and reduces confusion. Alanna has already taken ownership of her dental care as she has been included from the beginning.

Mrs. Zorgdrager

I would recommend Stratford Orthodontics to someone looking for high quality orthodontics because I am the second member in my family to receive a smile worth a lifetime.


We had a great experience for our first visit! Great set-up, great staff, well informed! Dr. Redigonda was awesome! We look forward to continuing care at your office!


It is very efficient and organized. Our appointment time is always kept on time. We would and always do recommend Stratford Orthodontics.


We were so impressed with the whole process – from going in to this not knowing what to expect and not knowing how things were going to turn out, to being encouraged all the way. Thank you so much for making my son feel important.

Mrs. MacDonald

Excellent treatment, nice staff.

Survey Response

Everything was great.

Survey Response

Comfortable, liked the TV screen.


Everyone was friendly and made it enjoyable.


We have been very pleased with the care we have received from the very first appointment. There is always a high degree of professionalism combined with personal attention.


The office was conducted in a very friendly yet professional manner. All appointments always gave us an update to the progression of dental care. We truly are very happy with the results and care received at this facility.


The whole initial experience for our daughter was amazing. She has some dental anxiety, but with our first experience with orthodontics, she experienced none of that. Thank you!!


As a middle-aged person who wanted a "new and improved" me, I would highly recommend Stratford Orthodontics to any and all. Clearly this staff is the best of the best – professional, skilled, efficient and friendly. The personal touch you receive is phenomenal and can never be under-estimated. It was like having a team of friends cheer me on in my adventure! The personal touch! Everyone was friendly and genuinely seemed to enjoy their work. I felt important each and every time. Staff comments showed that they remembered me and could recall previous conversations we'd had. I felt as though I gained several friends (although truly I don't even know all of your names!) I also appreciated the way that appointments were all on time and took exactly the length of time estimated. Even in the least comfortable moments, the staff were all reassuring and honest.


All staff, from the doctors right down to the clerical, were all very professional, polite and kind. Always a great experience. Friendly, professional care right from the first day. My daughter actually "enjoyed" her visits with them, changing her elastic colours was always fun!  

Survey Response

We were very impressed with Dr. Redigonda and staff in the office. We were also extremely pleased with how Dr. R spoke with such respect to our son, Mackenzie, and how he included him to the appropriate level of discussion. Mackenzie was impressed with the personal follow-up note that he received. Even after just one visit, I recall saying that it was one of the most professional visit of ANY medical visit, and I have had a few. Thanks again.

Survey Response

Very professional staff. We are made to feel very comfortable.

Survey Response

Everyone works with the highest of professionalism! My daughter feels very comfortable getting her dental work done and asking questions freely. Thank you for making this easy on her!


We were very impressed with how everything was done and my son, who was very nervous, is now at ease about what to expect. Thank you.

Survey Response

We were really impressed with the professionalism of everyone at the office. Laura was amazing and Carol was so very helpful. Dr. Redigonda was easy to talk to and took all of our questions – from the youngest to the oldest – and answered them with so much patience and in simple layman terms. For that, we were very grateful. We loved how each room had its' purpose and everything was in sync. We also loved the very modern look of the office. It gave us a ‘wow’ when we walked in. Thank you.


Dr. Redigonda put my son at ease and explained everything that needed to be done so that he could understand. Having pictures of my son’s orthodontic needs right in front of us was a great tool to show him exactly what needed to be done.

Survey Response

Dr. Redigonda took the time to talk to Shaun about his own interests which made him feel completely at ease.

Survey Response

I enjoyed how modern and new looking the office is. Very clean, and the sign-in computer is cool. I enjoy coming to my appointments. The service and building is really nice. I find it really nice how you personally connect with each and every patient.


Thank you for your detailed information. We were very pleased with our consultation.

Survey Response

Consultations done in a very comfortable atmosphere. During the application of my braces, I was able to feel relaxed. The staff is friendly, but professional. I like that you offer payment plans for those of us that have no orthodontic insurance coverage.


We liked that the atmosphere was casual, yet professional. There is a balance to be established, and everyone there was always helpful and professional.

Survey Response

A very anxious daughter who felt that the staff helped explain the step by step process and reassured her during the entire time these braces were applied.


I was very pleased with our first appointment and felt I was being told honestly what was needed.

Survey Response

I liked how they treated my daughter – very, very good with her. Also, I like the atmosphere.

Survey Response

Everyone in the office has been very friendly and helpful. Everything has been fully explained and reviewed with informative video demonstrations. It can be a stressful process, but the staff have made it comfortable and relaxed.


Everything seems so efficient and very well managed. Everyone is pleasant and caring. We appreciate the reminder e-mails.


Professional service, kind staff and the children are treated as mature and responsible. This encourages them in wanting to achieve the goals that have been set before them.


It was a very positive experience. Everyone was very nice and made the visit very comfortable for my son. Thanks and keep up the good work.


My daughter was treated in an excellent manner and felt very comfortable with the procedures! Thank you. I would strongly recommend your office!

Survey Response

I like that appointments are on time. I feel that all of the staff are professional and still very friendly. I receive much of my business from referrals. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to you. Your office is totally professional.


Your staff made having our son in braces at such a young age much more comforting.


Very organized and run efficiently but doesn't lose the personal touch.


I love what I'm seeing! Having braces in my mid-50’s was a big decision. Is it worth it at my age? I have to say I am so glad I decided to go ahead with it. So neat to see my teeth actually moving into place! Virtually 'hassle-free'.


We were very impressed with our first appointment.


We are very happy with the treatment our daughters have received and are looking forward to seeing their beautiful new smiles in the near future.


Over the past 2-1/2 years that I have had braces, it has been wonderful. The staff is so friendly, and they know you right as you step in the door. It is very welcoming. My whole family has been through braces with Stratford Orthodontics, including my dad who has them right now. I have had a very wonderful experience with this company as my family has as well. In the last few weeks, Dr. Anderson has joined the crew. Personally, I think she is doing amazing. She is friendly and very nice. Fits right in. The receptionists are very good at re-scheduling appointments to when it works for you. Overall, my experience has been wonderful. Today is the lucky day that my braces come off!


Getting braces was an experience that I put off for years, and now as I approach the end of my "braces experience," I wish I'd done this years ago. The people at Stratford Orthodontics are simply "excellent". This is a professional run business with friendly staff providing quality service. All 4 of my girls and now myself have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Lui Redigonda and the staff. They do an excellent job and explain every step along the way. I would highly recommend them to any family who wants a caring quality experience. My one daughter, Amanda, and I had braces at the same time, and she would pick the "colours" so we matched.


Dr. R and his staff are wonderful!! I really enjoy seeing everyone once a month and love the difference already my braces have made.


I like that you are always running on time or sometimes even early for our appointment when we arrive.


The Exeter waiting room is a little small.

Survey Response

You run a great office. Thanks.


I like the punctuality. We've always been seen on time.


Not much experience yet, but the schedule seems a little rigid (i.e. only do certain things on certain days).

Survey Response

I love that all appointments are on time, and the office is very neat. All employees are extremely knowledgeable.


I am very excited to get braces now. Dr. Redigonda answered all my questions. I will tell my friends to get braces with you.


Friendly, courteous staff who answers all our questions without making us feel uneducated.